Summer Rolls


Makes 6 rolls


  • 6 summer roll wrappers
  • 18 medium size shrimp (30-40 count), peeled
  • vermicelli rice noodles
  • one carrot, cut into matchsticks and pickled
  • one cucumber, cut into matchsticks and pickled
  • chopped cilantro or thai basil
  • Siracha sauce
  • one recipe peanut dipping sauce

Heat a little oil in a skillet on medium high. Season the shrimp with salt and pepper and when the oil is shimmering, carefully place them in the skillet and cook them about 1 1/2 minutes a side or until done.

While preparing the shrimp, bring a pot of water up to boil and cook the vermicelli according to the package directions. Drain and allow to cool at least until it can be handled.

Fill a wide, shallow bow with warm water. Dip the wrapper in the water until is becomes pliable, but preferably removing it when it still has a little stiffness - it will continue to soften as you put the roll together and it's easier to manage when it has some structure. Place the wrapper on a clean plate.

Line up three shrimp in the middle of the wrapper. Take a handful of vermicelli and arrange it on top of the shrimp to make a log-shaped pile. Place some carrot and cucumber sticks on top of the noodles, followed with a little cilantro or Thai basil. Finish with as much Siracha sauce as suits you.

Finish your roll by folding the wrapper like a burrito. Repeat the process for the remaining rolls and serve with peanut dipping sauce.

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